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Energize Your Crowd With Our Performance

We have been performing at various events since 2017. Call us today to discuss your party’s live music requirements.

Elevating Your Party’s Vibe

Formed in 2017, Mach5 Band NY has been performing at events either as a trio, 4-piece, 5-piece, or 6-piece band. We can even provide an occasional duo show upon request. As a high-energy and dynamic group of musicians that shares our live music in and around Long Island, New York, we perform a variety of genres such as: 

Classic Rock





Top 40

A Touch of Disco

Some of our recent live videos!

(more on YouTube and FB page of Mach5 Band NY)

Mach5 Band Trio doing some Country as we perform 

"My Church" with Melissa on lead vocals!

Mach5 Band's Trio cover of "Proud Mary'!  

Mach5 performs our "Johnny B. Goode" cover with "Sonny" on guitar and Ronnie on vocals.

Mach5 Band Trio performs of "Chain of Fools" cover with Janean on lead vocals. 

Mach5 Band NY cover of "Before He Cheats" cover! 

Mach5 Band's Steve & Melissa keep em dancing with our "Love Shack" cover!  

Mach5 Band closes with our cover of this timeless Classic Rock tune - "Rock N Roll All Night"

Mach5 Band pays tribute to our great state with our "Empire State of Mind" cover!  

Mach5 Band with our "Done" upbeat Country cover! 

Mach5 Band with another great Classic Rock cover - "Dreams" 

Mach5 Band's cover of "Shallow" with Nina and Sonny!  

Mach5 Band's cover of this timeless classic 

"Me and Bobby MaGee"! 

 Mach5 Band's Nina tells the crowd that she needs some "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." - ( our 4 piece show version) 

 Mach5 Band gets everyone moving with our cover of   "Walking on Sunshine"   

 Mach5 Band NY 2019 in full with our 70's Disco cover of  "Boogie, Oogie, Oogie" 

  Mach5 Band NY 2019 in full with over cover of 

 "Don't Stop Believing"    

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